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    European Car Specialists

    Mercedes, BMW, VAG, Porsche, Volvo - Factory level Diagnostic Equipment

  • SRS Airbag, Instrument Clusters

    SRS Airbag, Instrument Clusters

    Reprogramming and Repair

  • Chiptuning Performance

    Chiptuning Performance

    More power, better fuel efficiency

  • Coding and Programming

    Coding and Programming

    BMW and Mercedes retrofits, custom level coding, software update

Seadoo V-tech Maptuner – do it Yourself

You don’t need to send your ECU for  programming to our location anymore. You can use the V-Tech Maptuner to flash Your PWC with performance tune.
The Maptuner – flasher works through OBD connector with all Siemens and Bosch ECU’s from 2003 till present.

Watch Maptuner in action here

Quick start guide how to use the Maptuner

FAQ list

The V-tech Maptuner allows you to program your ECU with performance software
– increase rev limiter
– remove the speed limiter – newest Sea Doo’s
– other parameters increasing performance
The Vtech Maptuner can tune unlimited number of Sea Doo’s but you need to purchase a license for each of them, the device also includes DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) scanner and eraser, making it possible for the end user to read the trouble codes and clear them, view and record actual data – engine parameters.

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Chiptuning PWC – Sea-doo, Yamaha, ATV, Snowmobile – BRP Rotax

Chiptuning for Seadoo (RXP, RXT,GTX, GTI,GTS), Yamaha (FZR, SHO, VXR), Kawasaki Ultra – all models PWC Personal Watercraft are available now by Vtech tuning in Canada also other PWC, Quads and Snowmobiles with BRP Rotax engines.
All newest models with Bosch and Siemens engine control units.

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Airbag modules for new Asian, Ford and GM vehicles with Renesas, MAC and Infinion MCUs

New airbag system modules made by Denso – Acura, Honda, Lexus, Subaru and Toyota from 2010 are equipped with new microcontroller Renesas H8SX MCU – we are able to reset – fix them

New Ford, Mazda, KIA and GM – airbag SRS modules from 2010 with new MAC and Infineon MCUs – we can fix them – bringing the modules to the factory state.

See the store

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Tunning protection – we can do this!

We are able to do chiptuning modyfication on all the newest cars with tuning protection equipped with EDC17 and MED17 IROM/XROM tricore protected processor year 05-2009 and up:
• new BMW X5 35D, 335d
• new Mercedes includes new Sprinter
• new VW, Audi models

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About Us

We specialize in diagnostic and repair of all electronics systems and components.
From computer scanning for codes, to computer updates coding and reprogramming of all control modules.

We own professional diagnostic scanning equipment for almost all makes, which provides solutions for most of the vehicles. We are able to successfully diagnose cars. Once we know the problem it can be repaired quickly.

We use specialized equipment, to reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and imprecise costly repairs, which often involves the exchange of many unnecessary components limited to only the proper replacement.

We offer full fault code and reset, full activation of all components, clearing and setting of adaptation values, coding and programming of all control modules.
Good and correct diagnostics is a first step to successful auto repair.
JR Auto Electronics is your source for Automobile Electronics & Service in the Greater Toronto Area.

Electronics systems we can diagnose and repair:

  • * SRS, Airbag systems repair
  • * Instrument cluster programming, coding
  • * Immobilizer, Theft system programming
  • * Engine ECU repair and  reprogramming

Complete Airbag System Repair

Deflated AIrbag Reset your module

After deployment airbags need to be replaced and the airbag ECU usually needs to be reset. In some models the occupancy sensor or weight sensor needs to be calibrated.

In our company we deal with the SRS computers repair and airbag system activating.  After the accident the airbag computer (SRS) records crash data which prevents re-use it in your car (it is simply a software-locked).  We write data from before the accident. It is a safe operation involving only the reprogramming of integrated circuits. This allows you to reuse the same module without the need of buying new one.

Digital Instrument Cluster Repair

All models odometer reprogramming (mileage proof required) and repairs. Cars have electronic dashboards with digital odometer displays. Electrical pulses in the cars wiring can cause the dashboard data to become corrupted. This corruption could happen for a number of reasons: • the battery was discharged and the vehicle had been jump started • the dashboard may be damaged in a collision • the dashboard may develop an electrical fault • new engine had been fitted. In these examples, the corruption of the information held in the EEPROM may mean that the mileage displayed on the digital odometer is now incorrect. Mileage correction may also be necessary where a replacement cluster has been purchased; either new or second hand, if it's a second hand one the reading displayed is also likely to be different to the original- requiring a correction. We are able to fix incorrect reading by using latest technologies. Some corrections can be done through OBD-II (no need to remove any units from the vehicle). We have equipment that supports most of the devices used in car electronics.

Engine Computers & Other ECUs

If you have a problem with your car, and after the initial diagnosis made by the workshop, a computer problem was discovered in the car, we can help you. Approximately 50% of the damaged car computers can be repaired "on the table" without access to a car, so repairs can be made by sending a computer. In other cases, the car is needed for repair, it is best to make appointment in our shop. We can recover the original programs and all necessary data from modules (ECM’s) flooded with water, burned by a short circuit in the installation, or damaged in any way, for example, during an accident and transfer the data to another used or new ECU. We are able to program the newest generation ECM’s with protection like new Bosch EDC17 or MED17 with locked Tricore microprocessor in new BMW or VW, Audi group.

Engine Immobilizer

It is an electronic anti-theft device. The system uses a transmitter and receiver unit (transponder) in the ignition key. The transponder communicates with the ECU by transmitting a personal code whenever there is an attempt to start the vehicle. We repair and reset immobilizer sets for cars. In order to change one of the system's parts, the entire system needs to be encoded so the new part will operate in coordination. This is usually done by resetting and encoding the electronic systems.

Retrofits - Custom Coding

Our service also includes custom coding and retrofit for the newest BMW and Mercedes. If You are looking for:

  • *retrofit
  • *modification
  • *custom coding
  • *software upgrade

Bring Your BMW or Mercedes to JR Auto Electronics - the place You can get professional and the best quality service.

BMW Retrofits

We are officially referred by Bimmer Retrofit as an installation shop in GTA for all the parts and retrofits kits Bimmer Retrofit sell and prepare.

We have professional tools and skills together with the newest BMW diagnostic equipment and software to do the complete work.   See our latest full I-drive retrofit installation: E90 full I-drive Retrofit  


What Is Chiptuning?

A car powered by an injection system uses a device called Electronic Control Unit (ECU). ECU is a specialized computer responsible for the parameters of the engine performance under every condition of car speed and load. To ensure that parameters are correct under every condition, a map of fuel supply and ignition control is available for the ECU. This map specifies approximate values of power supply and steering for current conditions in the engine. A special program, also recorded in the ECU, converts this map and corrects it according to the data provided by the indications of the lambda probe, knocking combustion probe and some other sensors. Parameters recorded in the ECU, as well as the program, have been designed by the manufacturer at a level lower than optimal. There are three main reasons for such a situation: Firstly, sometimes a car operates for a long time despite occasional mechanical damages. It is supplied with poor quality fuel (in general, each European car is calibrated for 91 octane, except French and English cars - 94 octane), or fed with inferior quality oils and maintenance materials. On the one hand, the margin of safety assumed by the manufacturer prevents damages caused by the users, who do not follow the proper maintenance schedule. On the other hand it results in substantial fuel consumption and a decrease in engine power. This margin amounts to no less than 15 % for cars without air-compressors and about 50 % for cars with air-compressor - that’s a half the power! A car has to operate at a low fuel consumption level. However, as international standards determine the test speed rates (i.e. at 90 and 120 k.p.h), manufacturers are making their best to reduce the possible performance. Consequently, fuel consumption at these speed rates in 4th and 5th gear create artificial "gaps in acceleration". Big limitations imposed on the revolution range below 3000 RPM are intended to improve the city drive performance, resulting in decreased power and poor engine performance. As you know, people tend to buy economical vehicles. That’s why the acceleration is of secondary importance to an average customer, which results in car manufacturers using the strategy described above. European and North American car owners are troubled by taxation. The majority of cars offered on the German market are characterized by lower power than their Japanese or American counterparts, despite the same torque. A 1400cc Vtec Honda available in Germany has a 75HP engine. Whereas the same Honda in Poland has 75 or 90 HP. In Japan, the same engine is capable of 100 HP. All of it depends just on the tax thresholds but really only limited by the software in the ECU You do not have to lose this power! We can help You gain it back. If you look after your car properly, follow the proper maintenance schedule and you use at least 91 octane fuel from reliable filling stations, we will give you a chance to take back the horsepower the manufacturers of your car refused to give you. You can make your car stronger by about 10 per cent, or even by as much as 30 per cent (cars with turbines) just through application of an appropriate chiptuning performance software. As you can see, chiptuning means modification of the computer software which controls the engine. It is intended to provide higher efficiency, power and torque, and possibly slightly decreasing fuel consumption when driving in unchanged style after chiptuning modification

For more info

For more information, visit: www.chiptuning.ca

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